types.h File Reference

#include "config.h"
#include "headers.h"
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#define UINT8_CTYPE(v)   ((unsigned int)(unsigned char)(v))
#define MAX_UINT8   ((uint8)-1)
#define UINT16_CTYPE(v)   ((unsigned short)(v))
#define MAX_UINT16   ((uint16)-1)
#define UINT32_CTYPE(v)   ((unsigned int)(v))
#define MAX_UINT32   ((uint32)-1)
#define UINT64_CTYPE(v)   ((unsigned long)(v))
#define MAX_UINT64   ((uint64)-1)
#define MAX_SIZE_T   MAX_UINT64


typedef unsigned char uint8
typedef unsigned short uint16
typedef unsigned int uint32
typedef unsigned long uint64

Define Documentation

#define MAX_SIZE_T   MAX_UINT64

Definition at line 117 of file types.h.

Referenced by parse_block_size_value(), and parse_buffer_size_value().

#define MAX_UINT16   ((uint16)-1)

Definition at line 61 of file types.h.

#define MAX_UINT32   ((uint32)-1)

Definition at line 88 of file types.h.

#define MAX_UINT64   ((uint64)-1)
#define MAX_UINT8   ((uint8)-1)

Definition at line 34 of file types.h.

#define UINT16_CTYPE (  )     ((unsigned short)(v))

Definition at line 47 of file types.h.

#define UINT32_CTYPE (  )     ((unsigned int)(v))

Definition at line 77 of file types.h.

#define UINT64_CTYPE (  )     ((unsigned long)(v))

Definition at line 107 of file types.h.

Referenced by parse_num().

#define UINT8_CTYPE (  )     ((unsigned int)(unsigned char)(v))

Definition at line 17 of file types.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned short uint16

Definition at line 46 of file types.h.

typedef unsigned int uint32

Definition at line 76 of file types.h.

typedef unsigned long uint64

Definition at line 106 of file types.h.

typedef unsigned char uint8

Definition at line 16 of file types.h.

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