args.h File Reference

#include "headers.h"
#include "types.h"

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int parse_num (FILE *ferr, char *s, uint64 *n, uint64 min, uint64 max)
int parse_rcfile (FILE *ferr, char *filename)
int parse_rcfiles (FILE *ferr)
int parse_args (FILE *ferr, int argc, char *argv[])

Function Documentation

int parse_args ( FILE *  ferr,
int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Definition at line 2635 of file args.c.

References _io::in, io, isOpt(), options, _io::out, parse_block_size_commandline(), parse_help_commandline(), parse_infile_value(), parse_kilo_commandline(), parse_outfile_value(), parse_version_commandline(), and print_error().

Referenced by main(), test10(), test11(), test12(), test13(), test135(), test136(), test137(), test138(), test14(), test140(), test141(), test15(), test16(), test17(), test18(), test19(), test20(), test21(), test22(), test23(), test24(), test25(), test26(), test27(), test28(), test29(), test30(), test31(), test32(), test33(), test34(), test35(), test36(), test37(), test38(), test39(), test4(), test40(), test41(), test42(), test43(), test44(), test45(), test46(), test47(), test48(), test49(), test5(), test50(), test51(), test52(), test53(), test54(), test55(), test56(), test57(), test58(), test59(), test6(), test60(), test61(), test62(), test63(), test64(), test65(), test66(), test67(), test68(), test69(), test7(), test70(), test71(), test72(), test73(), test74(), test75(), test76(), test77(), test78(), test79(), test8(), test80(), test81(), test82(), test83(), test84(), test85(), test86(), test87(), test88(), test89(), test9(), test90(), test91(), test92(), and test93().

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int parse_num ( FILE *  ferr,
char *  s,
uint64 n,
uint64  min,
uint64  max 

Definition at line 729 of file args.c.

References _parsing_blocks, _io::block_size, d, io, _display::k, print_error(), print_esup(), safe_add(), safe_mul(), and UINT64_CTYPE.

Referenced by parse_block_size_value(), parse_buffer_size_value(), parse_completed_value(), parse_size_value(), parse_throttle_value(), and test_parse().

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int parse_rcfile ( FILE *  ferr,
char *  filename 

Definition at line 2708 of file args.c.

References parse_rc_by_tag(), print_error(), and print_esup().

Referenced by parse_rcfiles(), and test_parse_rc().

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int parse_rcfiles ( FILE *  ferr  ) 

Definition at line 2804 of file args.c.

References parse_rcfile().

Referenced by main().

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